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…Even if You Don’t Have a Huge Existing Network or Aren’t a “Natural” Salesperson

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11+ years

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Hear From My Incredible Clients…

If You Crave Working Less While Earning More, Then Becoming a Consultant is the Dream...

Consulting offers freedom and uncapped income in a way few other professions can.

Using little more than the knowledge and expertise you already have.

The truth is becoming a consultant can be your reward for years of thankless work in the corporate world that often came without recognition.

It’s your way to use the expertise you have built over years and use it to meaningfully help people. To truly have an impact and love every moment of it.

For someone who has the “Consultant’s Mindset” like you

You are driven by more than just the possibility of a 6-figure (or even 7-figure) income, aren’t you?

Sure, getting paid really well to do what you love is incredible.

But, for most consultants, it’s a search for more balance and control of life. I know that’s what motivates me to get out of bed in the morning.

I chose this path because I knew there had to be more to life than making other people money!

  • I wanted to be able to slow down and experience life without feeling like 10 years have gone by in the blink of an eye.
  • I wanted to contribute to my life and my family, instead of working all the time for someone else’s gain.
  • I wanted to feel a sense of purpose that comes from knowing that I am truly helping people.
  • I wanted more freedom and control in a way no corporate career had ever provided.

So, whether you are brand new to consulting or have been on this path a while, if any of the above resonate with you…

Here’s what you really need to know:

The Simple Truth Is…

The First Two Years of Consulting are “Make Or Break.”

For any new consultant, making the leap into consulting is a mix of exhilaration and anxiety.

The prospect of charting your own path is inspiring. But also a little terrifying…

The early days of consulting can feel like you are “back at square one”…with no one to turn to but yourself.

Especially if you have stepped out of the professional world where you were at the top of your game.

Sometimes it’s only natural to miss the daily feeling of being “successful” that you had in your corporate career.

It’s only once you find yourself alone, entirely reliant on yourself, you realize how much of your identity is connected to your career.

The reality is each decision you make in the first two years of consulting has a ripple effect.

The decisions you make determine whether you get to experience the liberating freedom and lifestyle of independent consulting.

Or…you have to return to being an employee that you had hoped to leave behind for good.

And the tough part is…

When the Results Don’t Come...

It’s Easy To Convince Yourself That Maybe You’re Just Not “Cut Out” to be a Consultant

Each delay, lost lead, or missed contract can feel like yet another failure.

It’s only natural to cast your mind back to your predictable salary when a rush of clients doesn’t happen from day one. That’s human nature.

Living off a fraction of what you used to earn while you “try to figure things out” can require big lifestyle changes. Gone are the days when you can easily spend money for extra things…

That’s why so many big consulting dreams evaporate in the hard early years.

When the jobs don’t come immediately, the comforts of “former life” simply prove too strong…

Now, there is no shame in returning to working for someone else.

But, if you have made the leap to consulting, wouldn’t this feel like a step backwards?

Maybe, dare I say it, giving up on your dreams?

You know how good you are at what you do.
You have the professional track record to back it up.


Why haven’t you been able to convert your expertise into the highly paid consulting career you had planned?

If You Are Like Most First-Time Consultants

You Likely Haven’t Experienced Success for a Number of Very Common Reasons…

  • You have reached out into the far corners of your network and on LinkedIn, but it leads to the occasional contract or nothing more than “I’ll keep you in mind.”
  • You lack the confidence to put yourself out there and charge what your services are worth (even though you have been in your industry for years!).
  • You are not a “born salesperson” and stumble when describing yourself and what you offer in front of potential clients, losing prospects before you even get to submit a proposal.
  • If you do finally secure contracts, there’s no work lined up the moment the project finishes, leaving you scrambling for income.
  • You spend thousands on a website and post as much as you can on social media without results because marketing doesn’t come naturally.
  • You find yourself spending most of your time on the daily grind of “running a business” leaving barely anytime to find and help clients.

When the results don’t come immediately, it’s easy to start to think maybe the world just doesn’t need your services.

But let me tell you…

You're Not Alone

When I Started Consulting, I Was Right Where You Are Today…

  • I had a ton of knowledge and experience from years in the work world.
  • I had been highly successful in my previous jobs.

But then I was a consultant…

Suddenly I had to figure out how to do business development, how to sell myself, how to get clients, and start bringing in revenue…

To put it mildly…I had NO IDEA what I was doing.

Because, as I quickly found out…

Consulting Requires a Whole New Skillset to Do it Confidently and Successfully

I was shocked to discover that I needed to know marketing, selling, business development…and on and on.

I didn’t have any of those skills when I started.

I felt completely out of my depth and uncertain of what to do,

For months, I stumbled and made more embarrassing mistakes than I can count.

I finally realized that it wasn’t that there weren’t people out there who needed my services…

It was just that I didn’t know how to get in front of the right people and position my services in the right way.

I knew deep down what I had was valuable, but I needed to learn how to make others see that.

Once I finally figured this out (after a whole lot of lost time and revenue, mind you!), that was when...

I Managed to Bring in 6 Figures A Year and Even Surpassed 7 Figures in a Single Year

I don’t say this to brag or congratulate myself.

Just to show you what’s possible.

Even for someone who was completely clueless like I was…

Now, I'm opening my consulting playbook that has helped me generate millions in consulting fees over 11+ years.

So, you too can build a thriving consulting business.

And feel the same liberating feeling of setting your own path. Being in control. And never having to work for a boss again…

…While avoiding the same costly mistakes, self-doubt, and wasted time I endured along the way.

After 11+ Years as a Consultant and Millions in Consulting Fees, My Methods Can Help You…

  • Bring in repeat high-paying clients using your existing expertise and knowledge (without needing a huge network)
  • Charge what you are truly worth by defining the right clients for you and confidently selling your services in a way that eliminates self-doubt.
  • Build a pipeline filled with clients and leads by expanding beyond your inner circle and gain “income certainty” that lets you live the lifestyle you want.
  • Eliminate the fear of “putting yourself out there” by skillfully marketing your services to people who desperately need them.
  • Build a profitable and scalable consulting business with proven systems and strategies, so you never have to return to a job or report to a boss.

More than anything…you can finally become the in-demand consultant you imagined and experience a healthier way to live and work.

“I was able to secure a 6-figure contract immediately.”

"I had always daydreamed about consulting but wasn't sure when or how to make the leap from my day job. Deb gave me the gentle nudge and confidence boost I needed to see it as a real possibility… I was able to secure a 6-figure contract immediately, and it's been off to the races ever since."

- Gwen C.

“A mindset to feel much more comfortable with pricing myself…”

"Having Deb guide and coach me through how to price my services was invaluable. She gave me specific, practical solutions by asking me meaningful questions. This put me in a mindset to feel much more comfortable with pricing myself accurately and pushing aside my fear that I might be over-charging.”

- Sonia S.

“Increased my customer base by 10% and my overall revenue by 28%...”

"Using Deb's tiered pricing strategies, I easily increased my customer base by 10% and my overall revenue by 28%! In other words, she helped me to land a little more work and a LOT more money."

- Diana C.

If I Am Right About This, and You Want the Unmatched Freedom of Independent Consulting, Then I Want to Invite You To Join…


Learn My Entire Step-By-Step Business Development Process that Can Get You High-Paying Clients in Just Weeks

Inside this step-by-step course, I open the door into the world of 6- and 7-figure consulting.

Over 8 action-based modules, you will learn the exact strategies and techniques I have honed over a decade as a highly-paid consultant.

In just a matter of weeks, you will learn all my methods for becoming an in-demand consultant who consistently secures new and repeat clients with greater ease and less stress.

And I promise…

By the end of this course, you will have your first new client or be well on the way to getting one.

This Program Will Prove to You That There Is an Abundance of People Willing to Pay Highly for Your Services

And give you the exact blueprint for getting them to sign on the dotted line, by revealing how to…

  1. Build the confidence to introduce yourself to prospective clients and clearly communicate how you can help them.
  2. Unearth lucrative consulting deals that are right there, just below the surface in your network.
  3. Turn any client into a repeat or referring client that keeps your pipeline overflowing with leads and contracts.
  4. Feel more comfortable having transactional conversations with former colleagues and friends (so you don’t feel “slimy” or “opportunistic”).
  5. Control and lead meetings with prospective clients, leaving them absolutely convinced that you are without a doubt the right consultant to help them.
  6. Do marketing that works on any budget without spending $10,000s on ads and contractors.
  7. Focus on the right actions that actually generate income, so you don’t get stuck on the “hamster wheel” of chasing clients.
  8. Demystify the process of defining your offer so it talks directly to the needs of prospective clients.
  9. Remove all worries and anxieties about finding enough work to support your lifestyle with an easy-to-follow, systematic framework.
  10. Make quick, effective decisions and stop second-guessing yourself to bring in more deals, faster.

Plus, so much more….
Put simply, this program gives you a clear path to win more clients with less effort via a proven method you can trust to work time and again.

Being a successful consultant is in your reach.

"Deb's templates are wonderfully pragmatic…”

"Deb's templates are wonderfully pragmatic and applicable. They take hard questions, like defining your value, and walk you through simple steps to identify where you can add the most value."

- Leanne H.

“I'm building the business and the life I want…”

"With coaching from Deb, I was able to zero in on exactly what I wanted the core of my business to be as well as develop an effective way to describe my skills and services to prospective clients. Thanks to Deb's help, I'm building the business and the life I want."

- Stephanie L.

“The secret sauce of how to get clients…”

“When I started consulting, I had no clue how to get clients… Deb taught me the secret sauce of how to get clients, including avoiding scattershot approaches that took a lot of time but didn’t get me clients and pursuing priorities that had a higher yield for the time I put in.”

- Melissa T.


I Will Also Give You Exclusive Access to ALL the Tools I Personally Use to Consistently Find and Secure High-Paying Clients, Including…

  • Consulting Business Mindset Tool to Get Ready to Get Clients
  • Tools for Defining Your Value as a Consultant
  • Email Templates for Reaching Out to Your Network to Get Clients
  • Prospect Tool to Help You Reach Out to the Prospects Who Will Likely Hire You
  • Checklist to Prepare to Wow Prospective Clients
  • Email Templates for Sending Proposals
  • Checklist for What to Put in Your Contracts
  • Scripts for Responding to Prospective Client Objections
  • Follow-Up Email Templates to Re-Engage Leads
  • Planning Tool for Leveraging Existing Clients to Get Repeat Business and Referrals
  • Outcomes Tracking Tool to Help You Get More Business

This is my personal consulting toolkit that I have used to generate millions in consulting fees. And now it’s your competitive advantage!

Get More Consulting Business Faster Gives You Clear, Daily Actions to Bring in Clients While You Take the Course

(This isn’t boring, theory-based, classroom-style learning…)


Action-Based Video Modules

2 ½ Hours

Industry Insider


Actionable tools and templates

Here’s a sneak peak of everything you will gain access to on the inside…

  Module 1
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 2
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 3
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 4
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 5
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 6
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 7
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 8
Available in days
days after you enroll
And That's Not All

When You Access My Program Today, You Will Also Receive 3 Special Bonuses Valued At $1221…

Bonus #1 - $427 Value

2x Personalized Coaching
Feedback Videos

When you need it most, you can send me two videos asking your most pressing questions. I will respond with direct, personalized video feedback to guide you through any challenge, uncertainty, or question you have.

Bonus #2 - $597 Value

Monthly Live “Ask Me Anything” Group Coaching Sessions

Three monthly group coaching sessions where you will have the chance to receive direct coaching in an empowering group setting. Ask questions and get feedback from me in real-time and learn from other new consultants who are on the same journey as you.

Bonus #3 - $197 Value

“The Building Blocks of Getting Business” Mini-Course

Discover the fundamentals of building a robust consulting business. This hugely valuable mini-course includes defining your ideal client, zeroing in on your most profitable market, identifying your unique value proposition, and more…

*Please note: Due to their personal 1-on-1 nature, video feedback sessions may only be offered for a limited time.
Sign up today to secure yours.

“Achieve a better balance in my life…"

"With her coaching, I have become a more effective and prosperous consultant with happier clients and a constant stream of work. I also love that Deb's coaching gave me real strategies that I can use to achieve a better balance in my life."

- Jessica F.

“I wouldn’t have been successful without Deb…"

"Deb’s coaching was unique in that it was both inspirational and practical. She answered both the “why” and the “how” of consulting. I now love being a consultant and can genuinely say I wouldn’t have been successful without Deb."

- Gail M.

“Become a more effective consultant.”

“I’m so grateful I started this journey with Deb on my side… She did such a great job identifying the skills and style I already excel in and helping me build on them to become a more effective consultant… I highly recommend Deb if you are starting or trying to take your consulting business to the next level.”

- Hoda S.

So, Just to Recap, Here’s a Quick Reminder of Everything You Will Get Access to When You Join Today…

  • 8 Action-Based Video Training Modules ($997 Value)
  • 2 ½ Hours of Industry-Insider Lessons ($497 Value)
  • Consulting Business Mindset Tool ($27 Value)
  • Tool for Defining Your Value as a Consultant ($49 Value)
  • Network Email Templates ($27 Value)
  • Prospect Tool for Identifying Prospects ($27 Value)
  • Initial Prospective Client Meeting Checklist ($27 Value)
  • Proposal Email Templates ($27 Value)
  • Contract Scope Checklist ($27 Value)
  • Objection Response Scripts ($27 Value)
  • Follow-Up Email Templates to Reengage Leads ($27 Value)
  • Planning Tool for Repeat Business and Referrals ($27 Value)
  • Outcomes Tracking Tool for New and Repeat Business ($27 Value)
  • 2x Personalized Video Coaching Feedback Sessions ($427 Value)
  • Monthly Live Office Hours Group Coaching Sessions ($597 Value)
  • “The Building Blocks of Getting Business” Mini-Course ($197 Value)

Total value $3034

Your price today: Just $1497

(Or 3 easy payments of $499/month for 3 months)

*Backed by a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

A Small Investment in this Course Today Can Easily Pay for Itself with Just One New Contract

As consultants, we tend to be “numbers people.” You and I understand the importance of positive ROI.

So, let me help you run the numbers in your head…

Just one new, average-sized consulting deal will mean this course pays for itself MANY times over. (And remember it can also be a tax deductible expense!)

And it’s not like you will be waiting around years to get return on your investment, either.

If you follow each step exactly as I show you, you can generate new clients by the end of the course.

Here is just one story to show you what is possible…

Two recent students used what I taught in this course to go from zero clients to a full pipeline of clients in only 3 months.

Zero-Risk Guarantee

My “Close More Deals” Risk-Free Guarantee

The methods I teach are exactly what I have used to bring in millions in consulting deals over the past decade. I am so certain that my methods will work for you too, that I 100% guarantee them.

Take the course in full, use all the tools, and follow the step-by-step actions for 30 days. Then, if for any reason you aren’t satisfied, simply email me at [email protected], share what you did with the course, and I will refund your money in full.

If You Had the Opportunity to Learn Directly From A 6- to 7-Figure Consultant…

What Would This Be Worth To You?

If you are like me, freedom and control are high up on your motivations for being a consultant.

As a consultant, true freedom is about having control over what you say “yes” to.

It’s about building your business intentionally.

And only working on what matters most to you.

This freedom and balance is now my way of life.

And if this aligns with your goals, I am willing to share with you how I achieved it.

Imagine having every single step to become a 6-figure to 7-figure consultant laid out for you.

A clear path of exactly what to do built on 11+ years of securing deals.

No more guesswork or having to blindly work it out yourself.

Not only will you get direct access to every method and tool I use, but you can also ask direct questions about your business and situation.

So, ask yourself…what would this opportunity be worth to you?

Hi, I’m Deb.

I turned years working in the gruelling work world into a lucrative consulting career...

While at the same time cutting my workloads in half.

Among other consultants, I have earned the reputation as “The Closer.”

The consultant who can get high-value contracts with hard-to-get clients.

I now have a reputation in my market where I naturally attract repeat and referred business easily. A far cry from where I was when I started…

Over the last decade, I have coached 68 new consultants to start, build, and grow their consulting businesses.

I showed them how to fast track their success and get past what is blocking them from having the lives and livelihoods they want.

Now, I’m giving you the shortcuts.
So you can enjoy the same success they have.

Put simply...

a successful consulting business should allow you to design the life you want…

Whether that’s:

  • Working off your laptop, serving your clients from anywhere in the world…
  • Finally making that change in career direction that’s been in the back of your mind for what feels like forever...
  • Or simply striking a better balance in your life that frees you up to spend more quality time with your family.

For me, it meant moving into a peaceful rural area north of New York City to a mini-farm where I grow veggies and fruit and get fresh eggs from my chickens

It’s my place in the world where I now live a vastly different, less hectic life.

I now have the time and flexibility to spend quality time with my 80-year-old kayaking mom.

And I enjoy creating a beautiful, meaningful life with my beloved husband.

I rescue cats and kittens.

This is my idea of freedom.

And consulting is what makes it possible.

Your idea of freedom might be different to mine…but whatever it is, I am living proof that consulting can help you achieve it.

I Will Show You Exactly How to Package Your Existing Knowledge and Expertise to Create an Evergreen Consulting Practice

Even if…

  • …You don’t have a huge existing network to bring in new clients.
  • …You don’t have a massive marketing budget.
  • …You aren’t a natural salesperson.
  • …You have been trying for months to secure your first client.

Best of all…

You can start bringing in new clients WHILE you take the course. You don’t have to put your business on hold!

*100% Money-Back Guarantee

Who is This Program For?


You are new to consulting and don’t know how to attract clients…

  • You recently made the leap to becoming a consultant.
  • You are struggling to find your first clients.
  • You are overwhelmed by setting up your own business while trying to get business.

If that’s you...I will guide you through making the best business decisions and securing paying customers to generate revenue immediately.


You have been consulting awhile but clients are inconsistent…

  • You haven’t found consistent, reliable contracts.
  • Your pipeline runs dry after projects finish.
  • You are earning but not thriving.

If that’s you…I will teach you how to consistently secure new and repeat clients, close deals faster, and get to the good part, which is doing the work you love.

Rest Assured, This Program Works Across Any Niche, Industry, or Type of Consulting…



Not For Profit






Human Resources

…Or absolutely any other niche in which you are experienced.
Simply choose your market and niche, and I will show you how to turn it into a thriving consulting business.

Now, You Might Be Thinking…

“I’ve been trying for months and months. I’m convinced my skills and knowledge just aren’t right for consulting…”

Listen, it’s not that people don’t need your skills and expertise.

Quite the opposite in fact. There is an abundance of people who need your help.

If you have accomplished good things in your work life, I can say with almost 100% certainty that your expertise isn’t what is holding you back.

You simply need a proven and authentic way to make others see the true value you bring. A way to make your talent and expertise magnetic to the right clients—and I’ll show you how easy it can be to do just that.

“I’m already running my business. I don’t have the time to learn…”

I know what it’s like when it comes to learning something new.

You have big aspirations about doing classes and following through. But then work and life get in the way. Leaving you regretting the investment you made…

This program isn’t like that. It’s not “another thing to do.” I have designed it in a way that fits with your existing consulting work.

In fact, it does more than that. It actually gives your consulting work a boost with new methods you can apply immediately and tools to do it easily.

If You Knew How to Consistently and Effortlessly Win More High-Ticket Deals…

…What Would This Mean for Your Freedom & Lifestyle?

  • If you had complete control over your schedule and didn’t have to be somewhere at a set time…
  • If you were no longer filled with worries and anxiety about where your next deal was going to come from…
  • If you could enjoy “guilt-free” days where you decide, just for the heck of it, you don’t feel like working…
  • If you had the flexibility to work only with who you WANT to work with…

What would this do for your life balance, mental and physical health?

Ready to discover a freedom that you will never want to let go…?

Let’s take terrific action together…

P.S. If you are like me, consulting is the only thing in the world you can see yourself doing. It’s your calling.

For any new consultants there are two paths.

The path to freedom, flexibility, and lifestyle for those who discover what it takes to secure consistent consulting contracts.

Or the path back to full-time work for those who don’t.

Now, taking that first big step is often the hardest part.

If you have made it, it means you have already invested so much effort and emotion into making the leap into consulting.

So, don’t you owe it to yourself to make a decision today to take the path that leads to the balance and freedom you crave?

*Backed by a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee